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Peg Leg bates was a regular at Club DeLisa

Peg Leg Bates was born Clayton Bates on October 10, 1907 in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, the son of Rufus and Emma W Stewart Bates and Rufus. His mother was a sharecropper. By the age of 5, Bates was dancing on the streets of Fountain Inn for pennies and nickels; he lost a leg at the age of 12 in a cotton gin accident. His uncle, Wit, made his crude first “peg leg after returning home from World War I and finding his nephew leg-less. Bates subsequently taught himself to tap dance with a wooden peg leg. By the time he was 15, Bates was again adept enough at dancing to enter amateur talent shows, working his way up to employment with a performers’ circuit which supplied entertainers to African-American theaters in the US

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