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Mike Delisa

Brooklyn-born Mike DeLisa has been a storyteller his entire life. He had a typical childhood—he enjoyed sports, watched films and television, and read comic books by the ton. The difference? DeLisa saved his baseball cards, sports newspapers, comic books, and other ephemera.That collection, now grown immeasurably large, served him well and forms the core of his uniqueapproach to history and the stories he tells.

For over a decade DeLisa’s boxing research has been made available through his web portal, TheCyber Boxing Zone (www.cyberboxingzone.com). Over that time he has come to be recognized asone of boxing’s foremost experts.

DeLisa worked as a historical consultant in the recent film, “Cinderella Man,” directed by RonHoward. DeLisa spent two years researching Braddock’s life and boxing during the GreatDepression for his book Cinderella Man (Milo Books, 2005), which landed on bookshelves aboutthe same time as the film. Prior to that book he co-authored, Philadelphia’s Boxing Heritage 1876-1976, published by Arcadia Press. He has published articles in leading boxing periodicals such as
Ring, Boxing Digest, and World Boxing.

DeLisa produced, wrote, and directed the award-winning documentary, “The SuperFight: Marcianovs. Ali,” which has also served as the inspiration for Sylvester Stallone’s film, “Rocky Balboa(Rocky VI)”. His most recent film, another award-winner, “Out of Ali’s Shadow: The Larry Holmes
Story”, is being prepared for release.

In addition, his work has contributed to such books and films as: “Rocky Balboa” (2007), Stallone’s last installment of that series; “Unforgivable Blackness,” the Ken Burns documentary; two editionsof The Boxing Register by J. Roberts and A. Skutt; By George by Ed McCoy; A Fair Fight by L. Toulmin; A Man Among Men by Kelly Nicholson; Charley Burley by Harry Otty; Azucar yChocolate by Enrique Encinosa; and Boston’s Boxing Heritage and Black Genesis, both by KevinDeLisa graduated from St. John’s University School of Law, where he was the Research Editor of the Law Review. He entered private practice following service as law clerk to the Chief Judge of theUnited States Court of International Trade. His international legal experience and his knowledge ofSpanish led him to Venezuela where he now owns a cigar manufacturing company.DeLisa has authored an encyclopedia on boxing, due out in 2015, and is developing several otherfilm projects. Meanwhile he continues to add to his extensive and rare collection of comic books,rare cartoons, sports magazines and artwork. He divides his time between Long Island, NY and Venuzuela.

Contact info: 516.305.2639 – email mdelisa@gmail.com

Credits & Appearances:
● Author: The Total Boxing Encyclopedia (TBA, 2015)

● Author: Who Lies There? A Compendium of Boxing Obituaries (Firpo Press 2008)

● Producer: Out From Ali’s Shadow: The Larry Holmes Story, winner Best Sports Documentary, NY Film & Video Festival (Nov 2006)

● Producer & Director: The Super Fight: Marciano vs. Ali (Mackinac Media, 2005), winner, Screencraft award, best feature documentary, NY Film & Video Festival (Nov 2005)

● Producer: Cinderella Man: The Real Jim Braddock Story (Rigel Entertainment, 2005)

● Consultant: Cinderella Man (Imagine Entertainment, 2005), directed by Ron Howard

● Author: Cinderella Man (Milo Books, 2005) (published in USA, Japan, Italy, and Great Britain)

● Author: Philadelphia’s Boxing Heritage 1876-1976, (Arcadia Press, 2002)

● Appearances: CNN, ESPN, numerous radio programs; serves as color commentator for Battle Zone Boxing on NESN

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